The history of The Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation goes back to the opening of the Institute of Cancer Research at the Norwegian Radium Hospital in 1954.

After this the hospital soon became a hub for cancer treatment and cancer research. It was and still remains the most specialized hospital in Norway within its discipline.

In 1987 The Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation was established as a technology transfer office (TTO) connected to the Norwegian Radium Hospital. The objective of the foundation was to identify cancer and oncology research with a commercial potential and accelerate commercialization. In 1997 the foundation established its first company, Photocure, based on research from the Institute. In 2020 the foundation changed name to Radforsk Investeringsstiftelse.


Today Radforsk Investeringsstiftelse acts as a dynamic player working in every part of the research–to–commercialization eco-system – all the way from initial research results to listing companies. Since its establishment, Radforsk Investeringsstiftelse has invested in and been an active owner of more than twenty companies, and currently holds 13 companies.


Radforsk Investeringsstiftelse has also initiated three major projects that serve to bring the research-based industry closer to the hospital: The cancer research and industry cluster Oslo Cancer Cluster, established in 2006, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park and the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, both established in 2015. Thus the entire oncology value chain is now co-located around the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo.