Prestigious BIA-funding to OncoImmunity and Oncoinvent

Our portfolio companies Oncoinvent and OncoImmunity  have both been awarded funding from the prestigious BIA-programme. This is a Norwegian Research Council programme that funds user-driven innovation research across all industries. 


Oncoinvent receives funding for the project “Development of an alpha-emitting product for cancer treatment”, whilst OncoImmunity receives funding for the project “A machine-learning platform to predict antibody-stimulating neoantigens from liquid biopsies”.

The BIA programme received 160 applications across all industries for this call. 46 of them were in total granted 483 MNOK.

Both Oncoinvent and OncoImmunty will now enter into contract negotiations with the Research Council to determine the details of the grants, such as the amount of funding granted, timelines and milestones for the project.



About Oncoinvent
Oncoinvent AS is a privately held Norwegian company based in Oslo, Norway. The company is committed to developing new innovative products to provide better treatment options to cancer patients.

The company’s founders started Oncoinvent in 2010 with a view to designing better cancer treatments by applying known physical and chemical principles of selected novel materials in new ways to maximize their medical benefit while minimizing potential safety concerns. This approach has allowed the company to develop a rich development pipeline and to explore multiple technological avenues before selecting a lead product candidate for preclinical testing.


About OncoImmunity
OncoImmunity is a bioinformatics company offering proprietary machine-learning based software to address the key knowledge gaps in the prediction of bone fide immunogenic neoantigens for personalized cancer immunotherapy.

OncoImmunity is dedicated to develop software solutions that facilitate effective patient selection for cancer immunotherapy, and identify optimal neoantigen targets for truly personalised cancer vaccines & cell therapies in a clinically actionable time-frame.