The team consists of Anders Tuv, Investment Director and Jónas Einarsson, CEO. We work hands-on and dedicated with selected start-up companies in the immune-oncology sector. We possess first-hand knowledge of the sector and function as active business strategy partners and advisors to the companies we invest in. Anders Tuv or Jónas Einarsson are company board members or Chairman of the board of RADFORSK portfolio companies and also take on operational tasks, at the early stage. With year-long knowledge and experience with early stage research-based companies in the immune-oncology sector we thus minimize investment risks. See our track record.


RADFORSK is an early stage evergreen fund dedicated to oncology. RADFORSK was founded as an independent foundation in 1986, and was then titled The Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation. RADFORSK invest in oncology, novel therapeutics and diagnostics, with a key focus on immuno-oncology. Our portfolio currently holds 13 companies. RADFORSK has so far been involved in 9 IPOs.